What No One Tells You About Corporate Caterers

byJon Preskow | publishedNovember 27th, 2019
What No One Tells You About Corporate Caterers

Catering is a tricky business. Planning the right dishes, matching the theme, and fitting in with the right venue can be a troubling task. Whether it’s last minute, or well-planned out, there is a lot of trust that goes into choosing the right caterer for any event. Before you take the big step, just know there are many secrets to the fine art of catering. Luckily for you we, at JP Catering, are here to help navigate you the field with 5 secrets that corporate caterers may not tell you!

    1. Safety First!When planning to cater an event, the safety of the food relies in the hand of the catering company. Through endless thoughts of peanut allergies or vegan menus, the chef will find a way to get the job done for every order. That’s all covered. A challenge that many do not consider is not about ingredients or allergies, rather with the safety of the venue. When planning an outdoor event, a live station with food prepared hot and fresh may seem like the perfect fit. Yet, beware not all stations are suitable for every environment. Before the day of the event, make sure that the caterer is in contact with the venue to ensure that an open flame is acceptable within the environment.
    2. Over OrderingOne of the biggest joys as a kid was being told that you were going to an all you can eat buffet. From childhood to adulthood, the excitement of a buffet doesn’t fade. When planning an event, a buffet seems like the dream. You can eat as much as your heart desires, and so can your guests! However, when bill is delivered you may be taken aback. As humans we eat with our eyes, guessing how much we can eat by the size of our plate. The issue with that is the amount of food waste caused by buffets. Next time, before you dive into a dizzy of all you can eat, think about the sustainability factor of buying all you can eat over of individual plates.
    3. Don’t Bring a Tupperware
      One thing you may be wondering about the food waste factor and catering is “why can’t I be sustainable by taking food to go?”. In the world of corporate catering that is a big no-no. When you picture corporate catering, you see the plates they give you full of delicious masterpieces and then you see them take the plate away to never return. You may have noticed that no corporate caterer will give you a to go box. You may be thinking this is the catering company’s way of being cheap yet believe it or not there are rules around taking food to go. According to the National Environment Agency’s guidelines, all catered food has to be finished within three hours after set-up is done. So next time you go to a catered event, bring your appetite and dig in while you can!
    4. Magicians
      All catering companies have to be magicians inside and outside of the kitchen. There is a perception that being in charge of food is a simple task. Much like Taylor Swift, all caterers would love to be excluded from this narrative. Whether admitted to the guests or not, catering is a high-pressure job. From last minute hiccups to having to be math wizards when rearranging seating, the daily life of a caterer can consist of fifteen-hour days for any event. Though the job is tough, they love it. Not only for the art of food, yet for the joy of those digging in. For our Chef, Jonathan Preskow, it’s all about creating lasting memories. He will perform all the magic necessary to ensure you and your guests have a great time while eating well.
    5. Responsiveness and trust is more important than taste
      In the business, the love of food and service go hand in hand. Most clients solely search for caterers for the right taste, but we think it’s the customer service is what makes all the difference. The point of any catering company is to produce great food of course, as well as help clients have the best time they possibly can. Here at JP Catering, not only do we bring taste, we bring responsiveness and personal touches to every order. In the industry, having a caterer that cares about YOU and your needs can satisfy every taste bud. We know how stressed out our clients may be before an event, big or small, and we are here to help make each day as relaxing and magical as possible.

There are just a few secrets about the magic of catering and we hope it inspires you to select JP Catering for your next event.