The Ultimate Cottage Menu (Including the Chef)

byJon Preskow | publishedMay 22nd, 2019
The Ultimate Cottage Menu (Including the Chef)

We posted earlier this month about amazing cottage meals, pre-prepped and packed in a cooler ready for you to pick up. If that still sounds like too much, we can do it all!

Whether it’s a get together with friends and family, a flawless cottage wedding, or maybe a Family reunion, our team would gladly be there, including a skilled Chef. Talk about impressive cottaging.

Depending on location, we will be out of your space by dessert! However, you might want to opt for fireside s’mores with our home-made marshmallows and home-made graham crackers layered with decadent milk chocolate.

We are totally flexible when it comes to your menu, let us inspire you with the top 5 Cottage Menu Items:

  1. Anything Grilled! Steaks, whole chickens, smoked whole fish and, oh yes, BBQ’d Pizza
  2. Breakfast has to have either: Pancakes, waffles or baked French toast, with a (large) side of bacon
  3. Lunch is all about fresh and simple. Salad bars are very popular and you can use up you leftover grilled items from last nights dinner.
  4. Keep you and your guests’ energy up with snacks. Intense water sports require snacks. Charcuterie. Enough said.
  5. The finale includes the classic s’mores over campfire, or let’s get fancy with fresh French beignets stuffed with Oreo cookies and drizzled with melty Nutella.

We’ve got the resources to organize a fully mobile kitchen ready to go North to your cottage.

Get in touch for a quote or check out our menu here.