The Man Behind It All…

byJon Preskow | publishedJune 19th, 2018
The Man Behind It All…

His talent in the kitchen is undeniable. His love for creating old world dishes with a new world flair has garnered him attention from some of Toronto’s most illustrious and high-profiled residents.

Owner and Executive Chef, Jonathan Preskow, is the man who makes the magic happen behind the scenes at JP Catering. His culinary ingenuity, passion for the gastronomic arts, and his quest to constantly better himself in his profession, is what defines him as a chef and it is what distinguishes him from his peers.


JP Catering was born based on the simple premise of creating culinary experiences that would delight and pleasure. He wanted to build something from scratch, the same way he would create each of his dishes – he poured his heart and soul into the creation of his very own catering company.


His admiration for, The Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver and Jamie’s love of food is what first sparked his interest in the industry. “The way Jamie made cooking look so simple, exciting and yet refined and elegant”, stood out for Jonathan, and it inspired him to delve into the culinary arts himself. Emulating a similar cooking style, Jonathan, displays his passion by taking garden variety herbs, fresh local ingredients and masterly combines them in ways that enhances the natural flavours of each dish.


His passion for food and cooking is apparent in everything he creates, even after 12 years of continuous service and ownership of JP Catering, his passion for cooking has not diminished in the slightest – if anything, it has fuelled his interest in gastronomy to a whole new level.


In a world where catering has become synonymous with ‘wedding food’ or ‘frou frou’ dishes (lovely to look at; but next to impossible to eat).  Jonathan breaks the stereotype with his exhilarative cooking style and his affinity for cooking with fragrant herbs, fresh zests and olive oil.  His culinary creations showcase his own housemade signature sauces that are refreshing and enticing, and more often than not, leaving you asking for more.


How does he make it all work? From my perspective, it’s a complex science of being able to properly appeal to each of the senses; but Jonathan does it so well and with such ease. His flavour memory of being able to recall the taste of each ingredient individually and imagining what it would taste like when combined with another is remarkable.


With a background in Industrial Design, Jonathan also has an eye for creating visually stunning dishes. Whether it’s constructing individual pieces of hors d’oeuvres or assembling a plated meal, for Jonathan it’s about incorporating the use of colour and playing with the different textures.  He loves to stimulate the senses by presenting each dish in such a way that favours each and every bite. Jonathan knows that visual stimulation is just as important as taste… and he faithfully delivers an exceptional culinary experience that transcends the previous encounter you’ve had each and every time.


When asked what is he hoping to achieve with JP Catering? His response is, “to delight the senses and to invigorate one’s gastronomic experiences. It’s about leaving people with memories that will last a lifetime”. More often than not, catering is associated with being a service offering that only the wealthy can afford. But that’s simply not true.  As a boutique catering company, JP Catering offers a variety of options that caters to our clients’ needs and budget.


As a former inhouse corporate event professional, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jonathan as his client for 6.5 years, before I was presented with the amazing opportunity to join his team at JP Catering. I can honestly say, that Jonathan and his team embodies their motto wholeheartedly, by providing excellence, elegance and exuberance in everything that they do. Whether you are a client, prospective client, staff member or vendor, at JP Catering we value and treat everyone with respect, honesty and integrity – and no one lives by that code more than Executive Chef and Owner, Jonathan Preskow.