Benefits Of Working With an Off-Site Caterer

byJonathan Preskow, JP Fine Foods Executive Chef and CEO | publishedApril 17th, 2022
Benefits Of Working With an Off-Site Caterer

To venue, or not to venue, that is the question. Here are our reasons to help you choose whether to use, or not to use an off-site caterer.


Location, Location, Location!


Every business storefront knows that location is everything. What if you were able to pick any location you wanted for your dream wedding. With off-site catering in tow, you can. We go where you need us to go, not where you are forced to go. Picking a cottage, a farm or your family’s backyard are a few choices to host your special day. We come with the food, staff and any entertainment needed. We will coordinate all of the moving pieces to make your event stress free and one to remember.


No Need To Limit Your Space


Why be stuck within four walls? Hiring an off-site caterer means we can work anywhere. You can move your guests from one end of the property where your ceremony happens to the other side where your party begins. As an off-site caterer we prepare all of your food at our kitchen and then bring it to your event and finish all the cooking there. We can setup a mobile kitchen in a tent, barn or any other space with a roof. We can bring all of the equipment needed to make your party a success.


Catering To Your Theme


Picking a theme for your event can help in brining continuity to your party. As an off-site caterer we can be very adaptable and come up with unique menus to help your theme come to life. For the past few years, we have worked with a customer that picks a wine from a different region of the world to base their yearly event on. From there we research the region to curate the perfect menu. This was always a super fun event to cater for us as we got to put our research hats on and dig deep into an area’s food and wine culture.


Money in Your Pocket


Renting your venue can cost a pretty penny, leaving you with less to spend on the food (don’t do that ). Then you must take into account any landmark fees, additional rentals and then your bar packages. By working with an off-site caterer, you can choose a location with minimal fees. From there we can support you with renting everything you need for the space which will come at a cost, but not the nearly the same cost as other venues. Other areas in which we can help you save are with your bar. With us, we will pick up the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and just charge you for the bartender needed to serve the drinks.


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