How Smells, Tastes and Music Seem to Transport me Back in Time

byJon Preskow | publishedApril 11th, 2017
How Smells, Tastes and Music Seem to Transport me Back in Time

Recently during a scotch tasting that I was hosting, I decided to use a few items that were leftover from an event. The ingredients I was left with were mascarpone cheese, asparagus and some puff pastry. I decided to make a quick puff pastry tart. I cut the puff pastry in half and simply spread the mascarpone out, leaving a half-inch border. I then topped it with asparagus that I had cut in half lengthwise and then with some shaved pecorino cheese, salt and herbs de provence. Into a hot oven it went, until the base was lightly browned.
When I tasted the beautiful and tasty creation I was instantly taken back to my childhood. There was something about the crunchy base and creamy asparagus topping that spoke to my soul. In South Africa every granny and mother makes some type of asparagus tart and it is always delicious!
What other things in life transport us back in time?
It can be such an amazing feeling and a reminder of the good, but unfortunately also the bad and ugly. Some people form a taste aversion to things (tequila for me) to different flavours and smells because of past experiences.
The other thing that I find moves me just as equally as food, is music. It’s when a beat drops that the feeling of euphoria hits. Or when a certain song comes on I’m all of a sudden transported back to high school (oh the awkward feeling of that one :).
How does this play into catering? I think that it is an amazing feeling to know that we are giving people the ammunition to remember a specific time in their lives.: It is a way to keep the celebration going long after an event has passed, where they’ll remember that time of celebration simply by experiencing a similar flavour and instantly get to take back time.

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