Event Planning Trends For 2022

byJonathan Preskow, JP Fine Foods Executive Chef and CEO | publishedMarch 22nd, 2022
Event Planning Trends For 2022

As restrictions start to lift and we return to normalcy our team has been thinking a lot about trends for this coming year. Here are our thoughts on event planning and catering trends for 2022.

The Continued Rise of Micro Parties


As we saw during the summer of 2021 people are craving social interactions. Everyone wants to start celebrating the milestones that were postponed through the pandemic. This year we are predicting it’s going to be the same as people are craving in-person socialization. With that being said, there will be a continuation of micro to mid-size events. People may still be a bit cautious about having large gatherings so they may opt for smaller events as we continue to return to normalcy.


Another sub-trend we saw in 2021 with micro events is breaking the event into a few parts. For example, if it’s a Bar/Bat Mitzvah people might do the ceremony with close family with food and refreshments. When the guests for the earlier event leave, the kids only event starts with a DJ and all that jazz.



Supporting Local Business & Being Mindful of Your Environmental Impact


Environmental stewardship is practicing the responsible use of natural resources for now and future generations. How can we help in making this a realty? We try and source local when we can, and making as much of our own in-house products as possible. With issues in the supply chain there have been a lot of shortages and issues in getting the abundance of products that we used to get easily in the past. Shopping locally is the solution to this supply chain issue and supports environmental stewardess; it also supports our local community and economy. We locally source packaging that is 100% recycled or biodegradable. We are working with manufacturing partners that are making disposable cutlery and plates out of starches that are strong enough to cut and serve steak, yet 100% biodegradable. We support our customers with renting items from our suppliers so they don’t have to use disposables. Donating food when possible (food safety first) is another way we can help our community. Organizations like Second Harvest gives new life to unused fresh food. To support locally in 2022 consider visiting your local farmers markets for produce, florals and more for your next event.



Going Meat Free


More and more of our customers are asking for alternate proteins for their events. People are moving away from meat and fish in favor of a plant-based alternatives. Whether it’s because of dietary restrictions or allergies, alternate proteins are in demand. When planning your next event, ensure you discuss allergies, and dietary preferences with your catering company.


Borderless Cooking with Huge Flavours


We are so fortunate to live in a city like Toronto where there is a melting pot of people from all over the world. We are seeing foods from all around the world become trendy and mainstream flavours. Multicultural flavours have transformed ordinary dishes into extraordinary. We expect to continue to see an increase in requests for multicultural flavours to elevate dishes for events.


Our team is eager to support you with your 2022 and beyond events. To discuss catering options for your next event contact us now.