Corporate Events and the New Normal

byJonathan Preskow, JP Fine Foods Executive Chef and CEO | publishedApril 17th, 2022
Corporate Events and the New Normal

What is a corporate event to us verses someone who specialize in large multiday immersive events? What is our corporate events sweet spot? What do we look for in a corporate client? These questions will be defined before I move on and talk about what we are expecting for the future of corporate catering.


The Sweet Spot


Our corporate client sweet spot is a company with 50 to 300 employees. They are a company that invests in treating their staff well providing breakfast, lunch or dinner for events. They entertain and throughout the year with cocktail parties for educational events, product launches, board meetings or special announcements.


The Big Pivot


At the beginning of the pandemic, we pivoted to keep JP Catering going. We invested in updating our brand and website to JP Fine Foods and started to get back in touch with our great corporate clients. With offices remaining closed during the pandemic, we had to figure out a way to help our customers celebrate and treat their staff to something special at home. A few of our clients sent custom charcuterie boards to everyone at home and some sent out meal kits. Others joined us online for corporate cooking classes. We feel these home deliveries and virtual events will continue through 2022, even with the return to office for some businesses.


What Now?


As we look forward to the future and what corporate catering is going to look like we know it is going to take a bit of time for things to come back to what they were. We are hopeful that corporations will start bringing catering back into the building. We foresee companies sticking with individual boxed meals opposed to buffets, and that hybrid events will still to be part of the normal day to day work experience.

Our team is ready to support companies with whatever their preferences are moving forward for catered events. Contact us to learn more.