Bringing Your Vision to Life

byJonathan Preskow, JP Fine Foods Executive Chef and CEO | publishedMay 02nd, 2022
Bringing Your Vision to Life

My father-in-law always says “humans have two ears and one mouth, so make sure you listen twice as much as you speak!” This statement is so true and is also so important. At JP Fine Foods we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and doing everything that we can to bring their vision to life.


What if you are planning an event and you don’t know what you want? We have a lot of people call us up and say, “we want to plan a party for ____.” Then the tumbleweed rolls past as they don’t know where to start or what they are looking for. In this instance we will support you in narrowing down your vision and preferences to create a perfectly curated menu for your next event.


Here are some of the questions we ask to get started.


  • When and where are you having your event?
  • What time will your guests be called to arrive?
  • What is the age range of the guests attending? Will you need a kid-friendly meal?
  • Are there any allergies or dietary restrictions?
  • What are you and your guest’s food likes and dislikes?
  • What has stood out to you with the last event you catered? Positive and negative aspects?
  • What budget do you have in mind?


Social media is a great way to get inspiration for themes, likes, dislikes and directions you want to take for your next event. Pinterest specifically is a great platform for inspiration, however, remember there is always a cost associated with bringing a picture to life. Great hacks DIY certain items or to rent them from one of our trusted suppliers.


Working in a budget is another very important aspect of bringing your vision to life. Budgets can balloon out of control very quickly so having a list of your must haves, would like and wishes is a great way to help keep your budget on track while managing expectations. Making some of the decor yourself is costly in time, but a great way to save the money.


Have a vision for your next event in mind? Contact us now to get the planning started.